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The Law Office of Rebekka Higgs LLC is committed to providing comprehensive and unyielding defense to those suffering under accusation from the awesome power of the government. Recognizing that being arrested and charged with a crime can be terrifying and often confusing, finding the right advocate is extraordinarily important.

Rebekka Higgs has dedicated her entire career to protecting and defending the criminally accused. She has helped thousands of clients find the right resolution for their individual case. She understands the importance of listening and two-way communication. Rebekka strives to make sure each client understands the legal process, the facts of the case, and all the available options. She also recognizes that it is often very important for her client’s loved ones to be included in the process. It is only when one is armed with complete and correct information that one can then make the difficult life-altering decisions often presented in criminal cases.

Given that each client and each case is unique, there is no uniform outcome in criminal matters. Rebekka’s goal is not only to help her clients make decisions regarding their case but to support those decisions.  With her 22 years of experience and knowledge, whether in negotiations or in trial, Rebekka is a determined and relentless advocate who leaves no stone unturned.

Rebekka Higgs is available to represent you through this difficult and scary process no matter where you may be charged in Colorado.

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